Red nails

Simply love this color

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Easter is approaching !!!

        "Easter is one of Christianity's most important holidays. Easter - celebration of life - marking the resurrection miracle, and acts of purification of Bright Week remind Christians balance and harmony."
        Easter is one of the most important holidays in Christianity. Easter - the celebration of life - marking the resurrection miracle, and acts of purification of Bright Week remind Christians balance and harmony. Christian holidays is the subject of this vivid memory of passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 
        Easter, the celebration of light and joy, and so far has kept the charm and significance, as a moment of peace of mind and close family . Charm is particularly so given the significance of religion and traditions and symbols of Easter: egg painting, rabbit, pasta dinner with traditional foods - cake, bread, lamb, and taking his job Saturday night light.
        Holy Week is the last week before the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Begins on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday to you on Sunday that resurrected Christ. Palm Sunday is the day when Jesus entered Jerusalem.
       In Week and Christians relive the Passion posted Savior from His betrayal by Judas, to crucifixion the cross on Golgotha hill, then signed with death on the cross and resurrection. After long after Easter, Christians go to church to confess.
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A model not too successful:))
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I'm happy !!!

     My cat gave birth to 2 puppies one is black and one is black and white. They are so beautiful that I can not take my eyes off her. Though it at first birth was very brave and did not need help. The growing wait to see if they are cats or cat waiting to open their eyes.

I wish you a nice weekend girls!
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My cat the cute


Yes yes I am Mitzi

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Dior laced powder

 News of the cosmetics industry

      Vibrating mascara, nail polish which is five things at once, creams that hydrate and better than they did before ... Here are new and exciting things from the cosmetics industry, which take us by surprise.

Dior laced powder

      I say we start the year in style, looking as fabulous. And how can we do better if not consulting the latest releases in terms of beauty products? Find what you were ready for the beginning of year major brands!
     Directly on the dressing table in 1920, stylish Dior powder comes directly to your makeup kit. Ultra feminine, combined with experience in manufacturing beauty Dior house, make this powder must-have items of 2010.
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Essie Spring 2010

Essie Spring 2010 colors from left to right:
*Lilalism, *Neo Whimsical, *Pop Art Pink, *Red Nouveau, *Tart Deco, *Van Dgo .

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China Glaze Spring 2010

China Glaze Up & Away Collection for Spring 2010

*Grape Pop Bright plum
*Sugar High Petal pink
*Something Sweet Cotton candy
*Light As Air Periwinkle
*Heli-Yum Raspberry
*Flyin’ High Teal
*Four Leaf Clover Kelly green
*Re-Fresh Mint Spearmint
*Peachy Keen Nectar
*High Hopes Guava
*Happy Go Lucky Sunshine yellow
*Lemon Fizz Banana .

On the list of desires 
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Maybelline Nail 2010

Review & Swatches: Maybelline Sweet Thing Collection Nail Color

*Bubble Pink — soft, pale pink ;
*Sweetie Pie — pale peach ;
*Sweet Clementine — bright orange ;
*Pink Sophistication –  bubblegum pink ;
*Pie In The Sky — sky blue ;
*Minty — mint green ;
*Goody Plum Drop — purple/plum ;
*Candy Coated — vibrant fuchsia .
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Orly Nail Spring 2010

The hottest colors for the upcoming Spring/Summer season according to the Spring 2010 Fashion Preview: Pantone Color Report are:

 Turquoise: Spring and summer naturally evoke feelings of calm ocean waters and tranquil beach vacations in cool, vibrant and tropical colors.
ORLY Nail Lacuer in Gumdrop
AmparoBlue: This soothing hue from the blue-green family conjures feelings of escape
ORLY Nail Lacquer in Snowcone
Violet: Lends a romantic air to the warm-weather palette and a distinctive addition to any wardrobe

 ORLY Nail Lacquer in Lollipop
Aurora: Yellow has made its mark on fashion and spring in a gleaming way

ORLY Nail Lacquer in Lemonade
Fusion Coral: Provocative energy continues to surge throughout the warmer hues of spring

ORLY Nail Lacquer in Candy Candy
Tomato Purée: This inviting orange connects directly to this season’s classic red

 RLY Nail Lacquer in Pixi Stix
Pink Champagne: Kick back and enjoy the bubbly luxury
 ORLY Nail Lacquer in Dream Boat .

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OPI Alice in Wonderland

This collection is a tribute to Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and contains 4 new shades:

     *Off with Her Red! A glowing, empowering hot red
*Absolutely Alice An absolutely amazing blue glitter
*Mad as a Hatter A madly marvelous black-multi glitter
*Thanks So Muchness! For this ”much-have” red shimmer
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    OPI Hong Kong

            Spring of 2010 is rich in shades who announces that more attractive. To imagine a collection of OPI nail varnishes, inspired by Chinese culture and the significance level colors can be found in each symbol.
            Hong Kong Collection includes 12 shades of nail varnish matt or pearl, in tones ranging from lilac, cream, caramel and up to bright red, coral, green, blue, purple and gold mostly. And will remain well engraved in mind, as normal wear shades names as may be suggestive:

    *Bling Dynasty -a shade of gold leads to thinking robes worn during the Ming Dynasty
    *Red My Fortune Cookie  - bright red
    *Hot & Spicy - one of the finest shades of coral in the beauty of spring 2010 collections
    *Dim Sum Plum - purple power 
    *Jade is the New Black - a shade of green jade is shaping up to be the revelation of the season 
    *Suzi Says Feng Shui - Blue colabalt for a sense of well
    *A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find - seductive red orange
    *Lucky Lucky Lavender - a purple nail polish perfect for a delicate manicure
    *Meet  Me on the Star Ferry - purple pearl
    *Panda-monium Pink -pastel pink
    *Pearl of Wisdom - a creamy white pearl shade that reminds beads 
    *Chop-sticking to My Story - a warm shade of caramel perfect for summer

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    15 trucuri pentru a avea unghii frumoase

                 Am gasit aceste 15 sfaturi pentru a avea unghii frumoase, în căutarea unui remediu pentru unghiile  mele care se exfoliaza. Am încercat două metode dintre ele şi au dat rezultate si nu mai am aceleaşi probleme grave ca înainte. M-am gândit să le pun aici pentru va arata si voua şi de ce nu sa încercaţi şi voi,chiara  dacă le stiati sau nu.
               Unghiile puternice si frumoase sunt un atu al oricarei femei. Desi pare greu de crezut, si ele pot fi educate sa fie asa cum ti le doresti: sa nu se mai rupa, sa nu se ingalbeneasca, sa aiba calciu. Iar de toate astea doar tu esti singura responsabila. Nu fii lenesa si ofera-le timp si ingrijire.
    1. Aplica masca cu ulei de masline si suc de lamaie. Incalzeste o lingura de ulei intr-o baie de apa si amesteca cu cateva picaturi de suc de lamaie. Aplica amestecul pe unghii prin masare si apoi pune manusi din bumbac pe care sa le sa le porti peste noapte. Procedura poate fi folosita o data sau de doua ori pe saptamana.
    2. Fa o baie cu sare de mare. Incalzeste jumatate de litru de apa si dizolva o lingurita de sare de mare in ea. Scufunda degetele in apa timp de 20 de minute. Apoi sterge mainile si hidrateaza-le cu crema prin masaj, acordand atentie unghiilor. Procedura ar trebui urmata timp de 10 zile la rand cu pauza de o luna de zile. 
    3. Masca cu piper rosu intareste si accelereaza cresterea unghiilor. Amesteca jumatate de lingurita de piper rosu, 10 picaturi de apa fiarta si o lingurita de crema de maini. Lasa amestecul deasupra unei bai de apa, in abur, timp de 10 minute. Raceste amestecul, aplica-l pe unghii, asteapta 15 - 20 de minute dupa care clateste mainile. Nu folosi aceasta masca mai des de odata pe luna.
    4. Unguent cu ceara pentru a intari unghiile. Topeste 4 grame de ceara de albine. Amesteca un galbenus de ou cu ceara. Apoi, gradual, adauga ulei de piersica pana cand amestecul devine gros. Se foloseste in fiecare noapte.
    5. Suc de lamaie cu sare pentru intarirea unghiilor. Stoarce o lingurita de suc de lamaie, adauga putin sare, amesteca si pune rezultatul pe unghii cu o periuta. Asteapta 15 - 20 de minute, apoi curate-te cu apa calda.
    6. Baie de intarire cu sare si iod. Intr-un pahar cu apa calda dizolva jumatate de lingurita de sare si adauga 3-5 picaturi de iod. Tine degetele in solutie timp de 15-20 de minute.
    7. Iod pentru intarirea unghiilor si prevenirea exfolierii. Inainte de culcare, pune iod pe unghii. Intai unghiile vor deveni galbene dar pana dimineata iodul va fi absorbit iar unghiile vor reveni la culoarea lor normala.
    8. Ingrijirea unghiilor cu suc de struguri. Pentru aceasta procedura poti folosi orice tip de boabe acide precum coacazele sau merisoarele. Ia un fruct si freaca-l de unghii si pielea din jurul acestora.
    9. Masca din ceara naturala. Topeste ceara deasupra unei bai de apa fierbinte. Pune degetele in amestec si imediat pune mainile in apa rece. Degetele vor fi acoperite cu un strat de ceara naturala care ar trebui lasat peste noapte, protejat de manusi din bumbac. Foloseste tratamentul de doua ori pe saptamana timp de trei saptamani.
    10. Supa de ierburi pentru hranirea si intarirea unghiilor. Varsa doua lingurite dintr-o mixtura de musetel si radacina de brusture intr-un pahar de apa fiarta. Scufunda degetele in aceasta "supa" timp de 10 minute. Se foloseste odata pe saptamana.
    11. Baie cu ulei de masline, ou si miere. Incalzeste un amestec din doua lingurite de miere si o cantitate egala de ulei pe o baie de apa. Indeparteaza mixtura de la sursa de caldura si adauga oul batut. Pune mainile in amestec timp de 10-15 minute, apoi clateste-le cu apa calda.
    12. Baie din ulei vegetal, iod si suc de lamaie pentru unghii fragile si casante. Incalzeste putin ulei, adauga picaturi de ulei vitamina A, trei picaturi de iod si suc de lamaie.
    13. Baie gelatinoasa pentru unghii subtiri. Gelatina hraneste perfect si intareste unghiile. Dizolva jumatate de lingurita gelatina intr-un pahar cu apa fiarta, asteapta pana cand se raceste si tine unghiile in gelatina pręt de 10-15 minute. Baia poate fi folosita de 2-3 pe saptamana.
    14. Unguent pentru regenerarea culorii sanatoase a unghiilor. Pentru a recupera aceasta culoare trebuie sa le freci cu un unguent zilnic, realizat dintr-o lingurita de glicerina, o lingurita de suc de lamaie si 3 lingurite de apa de trandafir.
    15. Masaj de intarire a unghiilor cu vitamina A si E. Pentru a intari si hrani unghiile, freaca-le cu vitamina A sau E prim masaj. Este de preferat sa faci acest lucru inainte de culcare.
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    A small gift from a friend for me

       Cadourile au fost intotdeauna un lucru aparte in viata unui om, deoarece provoaca o imensa placere daca sunt oferite din suflet, atat pentru cel care le primeste cat si pentru cel care le ofera.
               Desigur nu cred ca exista  o femeie sa nu ii placa sa primeasca cadouri si inca multe cadouri .Imi place sa primesc cadouri dar desigur sa si daruiesc celor din jur si mai ales sotului meu multe surprize placute .

    I received a gift from a student friend that is an Avon representative set containing: 
    1. Liquid to prevent flaking nails;
    2. Treatment for nail growth; 
    3. Advanced Mira Cuticle treatment. 
         I'm glad when a child receiving a gift no matter what may be a simple and small thing, but when you see someone is thinking of you enjoy.
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