OPI Hong Kong

        Spring of 2010 is rich in shades who announces that more attractive. To imagine a collection of OPI nail varnishes, inspired by Chinese culture and the significance level colors can be found in each symbol.
        Hong Kong Collection includes 12 shades of nail varnish matt or pearl, in tones ranging from lilac, cream, caramel and up to bright red, coral, green, blue, purple and gold mostly. And will remain well engraved in mind, as normal wear shades names as may be suggestive:

*Bling Dynasty -a shade of gold leads to thinking robes worn during the Ming Dynasty
*Red My Fortune Cookie  - bright red
*Hot & Spicy - one of the finest shades of coral in the beauty of spring 2010 collections
*Dim Sum Plum - purple power 
*Jade is the New Black - a shade of green jade is shaping up to be the revelation of the season 
*Suzi Says Feng Shui - Blue colabalt for a sense of well
*A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find - seductive red orange
*Lucky Lucky Lavender - a purple nail polish perfect for a delicate manicure
*Meet  Me on the Star Ferry - purple pearl
*Panda-monium Pink -pastel pink
*Pearl of Wisdom - a creamy white pearl shade that reminds beads 
*Chop-sticking to My Story - a warm shade of caramel perfect for summer

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