Free Hello Kitty Nail Art Plate

Hey everyone,

I received  the free Hello Kitty plate from  Born Pretty !Shipping was free as well so I paid absolutely nothing for the plate.
Born Pretty Store is giving away 1000 Hello Kitty Nail Stamping Plate! Click on the link for more details!
If you want to get it, please like their link on Facebook and subscribe their link on YouTube.
Their products are not limited to nail products, ranging from genes, adhesives, contact lenses, to see visit their website! But it seems that their main focus is design on nails, decorating tools, nail polish, etc..

This stamp is absolutely adorable!

Have a nice day girls ,

See you soon girls!


  1. Love this mani so cute thanks for the info I just ordered mine and it was also free shipping so cool to get it for free thx again

  2. I love your design!
    I have this HK plate and all patterns are so cute...

  3. I love the mani you did with it, so cute ^_^


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